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Hi, I’m Joe V. The V is for Vadeboncoeur, but no one ever really calls me that (except my business card). That card also calls me the Global Director of Product Development, Marketing and Creative Design for Trek Bicycle. Yep, I am sometimes not really sure what all that means either. I do know that I dig bikes, oatmeal, motorcycles, burritos, the weird things I see along the way, my family and my job. I get to travel the world helping make great bikes, so it’s a pretty great gig.

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January 18, 2011



Funny, try telling a Spaniard that London is in England, rather than Londres being in Inglaterra, or that New York is in the United States rather than Nueva York being in los Estados Unidos. Likewise with the Jerry who insists Kiwis come from Neuseeland, and pretty much anyone else around the world who speaks any language other than English, because place names don't just get translated by nature, they also have multiple and distinct origins. Furthermore, if you try to standardize place-names, you'll end-up with more unpronounceable ones than pronounceable ones. Each language has a slightly different set of sounds corresponding to specific letters, completely distinct sounds and letters altogether, some with completely different alphabets, and even others different conceptual constructions of writing and pronunciation.

So next time you go to 北京 or दिल्ली or Երեւան or თბილისი or Львів, make sure you pronounce it accurately...

...or just accept that you were in Seville, y acaba con esta tontería de una vez.

p.s.: looks like you had a great time - can't wait to get back there myself! :)

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