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Hi, I’m Joe V. The V is for Vadeboncoeur, but no one ever really calls me that (except my business card). That card also calls me the Global Director of Product Development, Marketing and Creative Design for Trek Bicycle. Yep, I am sometimes not really sure what all that means either. I do know that I dig bikes, oatmeal, motorcycles, burritos, the weird things I see along the way, my family and my job. I get to travel the world helping make great bikes, so it’s a pretty great gig.

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April 15, 2009



Hey Hootie
My wife has stability problems from a neurological condition, but needed something to get around to the local stores. She bought a Trek Pure Deluxe trike and thinks it is wonderful. The dealer had to work on fitting it due to her condition, but it works. She was worried what some of the neighbors might think about her on a trike, but at least one more been sold. The local women think it is a great stable platform for shopping.

I'm starting to think about a Soho for my own use and am incredibly stoked that you guys are working with my buddy Colleen on something that will work with her tallness and forty inch inseam.

Hootie, The Bike Lane Blogster

Hey Steve,

Good call! I think the Trike is becoming a more acceptable bicycle as the years go by. I have a buddy in Milwaukee who's wife is a total Betty and she's bugging him for a trike.
I think as neurological therapy techniques become more and more refined that the bicycle will emerge as a great solution, not only for transportation but for rehabilitation as well. I'm married to an occupational therapist who is currently specializing in neurological development and i keep trying to get her into looking at the bicycle as a potential therapeutic tool. My best to you and yours!

Collen's been awesome to work with, what a fun project. I can't wait to talk it up when more details are available.

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