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Hi, I’m Joe V. The V is for Vadeboncoeur, but no one ever really calls me that (except my business card). That card also calls me the Global Director of Product Development, Marketing and Creative Design for Trek Bicycle. Yep, I am sometimes not really sure what all that means either. I do know that I dig bikes, oatmeal, motorcycles, burritos, the weird things I see along the way, my family and my job. I get to travel the world helping make great bikes, so it’s a pretty great gig.

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November 13, 2008


James Collins

Environmental advertising is the new black! If you do it well, then you get people talking, and blogging, about it which adds to the exposure. When was the last time a new print ad got people talking?

It is a lot easier for consumers to engage with it too. The AJAX locker room is an awesome idea, getting people to identify with the big names that normally seem so distant. Feel like part of the 'team'!

The only problem is that it would reach a smaller number of people than what a nationally, or internationally, distributed magazine would.

Looking forward to hearing more of your plans!


>>>While it may not be as exciting as the race results from some poorly attended mountain bike race, we'll try to do our best.

Ooooooo, I think the King of the Mountain blog just got served...


I thought the first picture was a caption contest, how about:
"Honey, you're not going to believe what they did to this bus stop!"

Richard Masoner

I think some notes from a design person would be swell.

Creatively done environmental advertising certainly gets noticed. Think about the bike repair Kiosk that you guys did a little wihle back.


Stuff like this helps:

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