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Hi, I’m Joe V. The V is for Vadeboncoeur, but no one ever really calls me that (except my business card). That card also calls me the Global Director of Product Development, Marketing and Creative Design for Trek Bicycle. Yep, I am sometimes not really sure what all that means either. I do know that I dig bikes, oatmeal, motorcycles, burritos, the weird things I see along the way, my family and my job. I get to travel the world helping make great bikes, so it’s a pretty great gig.

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December 14, 2007



I'm having a epiphany here (if I can spell it correctly)..

I thought Nike nailed it with the Blue Ball Jersey. You could see it a mile away.

Why doesn't Trek take the Astana, replace Discovery on the Jersey (vertical lettering in White sans serif font), then take the Astana Yellow Icon and replace the blue ball, and then use the new dark blue to set it off? They can use the Turquoise for accents.... Thus NO BLACK MAGIC to upset the sponsor, while the rest of us don't have to squint to find the Astanished, amongst the new Quick Steppers... In short, don't mess it up. The new jersey sucks. It's not retro, it's not cool, it's just another kit. The most powerful team in the Tour needs some impact.

Of course, the thought has a bit of Cofidis style, but if Trek does it right.....(Are you listening Scottie Daubert? Beam me up to Waterloo for a new Madonne 6.9 Red and I'll design the kit that will have total peleton envy.... did I say, "Peleton Envy"....)

Hootie, Bike Lane Blog Guy

Hey Trek -E,
Sorry homes, word on the streets is that black is a cultural no-no in Kazachstan. While I agree that last year's disco jersey was unrivaled in the pro ranks for its sweetness, don't you think it's time for something fresh and new? The new team and its look will take some getting used to. Give it some time, it might grow on you. While you may not fancy the lycra wait till you see the casual gear that's on its way. Thanks for checking in!


Hey Hootie,

Ok, I'm up for fresh and new. That means that I'm expecting something original, distinctive, and totally different. No problem with the Astana Kazak Colors. I'm holding you to your word, that it will be "Fresh & New". What I've seen so far, is a step back... so obviously Trek is holding back the real design..... ?

Craig Bernhardt

Oh come on, bring back the VRX full susp. lineup, best type you came out with, next to cannondales one legged front suspension bike

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